Thursday, September 19, 2013

White Peach & Raspberry Tea Recipe

I'm a southern girl. I hate cold weather & snow. I love my flip flops, hot & sunshiny days and I love my sweet tea. I mean syrupy sweet tea. Well, that's how I used to like it anyway. I've become a little more careful about the amount of sugar that goes into my body so I started cutting back little by little on the sugar that I put in my tea at home. Then came along the ever popular flavored teas. You can pretty much find them in any restaurant you walk into. I love those too but they are all so sweet. I finally found my perfect blend of flavored tea that will be a staple in this house!

National Talk Like A Pirate Day, Mateys!

Arrgh! Shiver Me Timbers! You know the lingo but did you know that today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day?
In honor of this fun day, we are offering our Ahoy Matey Printable Hershey Kiss Labels for a limited time free download.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

{FREEBIE Friday} - Back to School Printables

Good Morning Fabulous People!!

Maybe your kids have gone back to school, maybe their first day is still looming in the near future. Either way, it's never too late (or early) to celebrate! You may be thinking that it's too late for a back to school party. I disagree! If your kids are already back in session then now is the PERFECT time for a shindig. Why, you ask? They've had a chance to meet their classmates and make some new friends. What better way to meet their friends and maybe get to know their parents too than with a back to school bash.

Today, I want to offer you some freebies to help you make this party a success. These were kindly made and offered to me to pass along to you by the talented & generous Shauna from Cupcake With Character.

Click here to download! Oh, and stop by her FB page and give her a quick THANKS :)